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The Each 1 Teach 1’s Program Director Marcus Mcgee and his staff had a good turn out as they hosted their first Best Of The Best Showcase Saturday and Sunday in Orlando, Florida.  Saturday was designated for freshman and sophomores only, giving on lookers a chance to put eyes on who’s next to come up through the ranks.  The event featured a host of drills at the start of the day in where coaches emphasized the fundamentals at each station stop which isn’t always the case when you go to these showcases.  Parents were encouraged to stay before kids broke for lunch as speakers from the company Mypath2D (, spoke on the new NCAA rule changes for initial eligibility requirements that need to be met to receive athletic scholarships.  The second half of the day was all about the games of course.  Many made the most of their time on the floor, leaving us to believe that Orlando will definitely be a stop on the recruiting trail for years to come.

Saturday Standouts  

David Nickleberry 6’6 Fr. SF The 1st Academy
Nickleberry was one of the more skilled players on the weekend despite the fact that he is only a freshman.  The lefty looked like a player as we entered the gym before they even started the day. as play got underway he quickly separated himself with his blend of size and guard skills.  At this rate as he gets older he will look comfortable in a point forward role due to the way that he distributed the ball in transition and once he got into the lane after breaking down the defense.  Nickleberry looks as if he has a few more inches to go to go along with his size 15 shoe.  There was a lot of size at the camp forcing Nickleberry to be a post defender on defense where he out smarted bigger opponents by leaving space between he and who he guarded, staying within arms reach so that he didn’t get out muscled.

Damon Harge 5’8 8th Grade PG Orlando Christian Prep
Harge has been a Youtube mainstay for a little over a year now.  The tiny point guard moved from California last year to North Carolina where he attended Christian Faith Center and made some Varsity appearances.  Now he’s made his move to Orlando and was a hit during Saturday’s action.  From the time he checked into his first game till the triple zeros hit the clock in the last he caused havoc.  The bite size guard isn’t afraid to stick his nose in and mix it up.  Harge pushes the tempo and gets where he wants with an amazing handle on the ball.  His change of speed and direction through defenders off all day long.  When he got to the cup he was able to finish with either hand at a decent rate, those misses should start going down as his upper body strength develops.  You can tell Harge is a gym rat and a huge competitor.  He was very vocal with his teammates, very mature on the court which leads me to believe that he will no doubt be one of the top guards in the country as time goes on.

Jean Michel Tine 6’7 So. SF Impact Basketball Academy
College body, most describe him as a four man, but as you watch him you will see the perimeter skills.  Matched up with bigger defenders Tine always came out on top in the strength department.  It was hard to keep him off the glass as he used a strong pair of hands to snatch rebounds.  Tine could have stood to be more aggressive, but he made some good things happen with the ball withing 15ft of the basket.

Ange Badgi 6’5 So. SF Liberty Christian HS
Really aggressive player that finds ways to get to the basket.  Loved to drive middle and spin back toward the baseline.  Right now Badgi has one speed and that’s to the max, but rarely was he out of control.  On Saturday he was a smart basketball player, he was greedy.  Badgi knew that no one could stop him from getting two feet in the paint so that’s what he set out to do.  Going forward he will have to learn to slow down a bit in order for him to survey the floor and he must showcase his mid range touch that he does possess.

Keon Clergeot 6’0 So. PG Auberndale HS
A former college coach made a comment to me that Clergeot had some Joel Berry qualities which caused me to take a real close look at him.  I haven’t heard of any prospects coming out of Auberndale since Tracy Mcgrady, but Clergeot proved that he is worthy of another look.  A poised point guard who took what the defense gave him.  If he was being over played he headed for the basket.  Clergeot has a strong compact body, he’s a physical defender, and a very unselfish guard.  He was really good at drawing defenders in and finding his shooters.  As he probed through the defense he utilized ball screens managing to keep defenders on his back as he took only a few dribbles to get to the rim or to his sweet spot where he knocked down pull up jump shots all day.

Corbin Merritt 6’9 Fr. C The 1st Academy
Like they always say, you can’t teach size and length which Merritt certainly has.  Young big kids are always a good thing if they are willing to put in the work.  At this point Merritt’s skills and foot work are a work in progress but he’s no clutz.  The thing I liked about Merritt was that he didn’t try to do anything out of his realm.  He rebounded the ball pretty well and scored off put backs by being in the right place.  He blocked a few shots with some decent timing.  He would have blocked many more if he were quicker on his feet with more anticipation, but that it where the work ethic comes in.

Austin Williams 6’7 So. PF Bolles School
From ens to end Williams was very effective around the rim.  He showed his handle in the open court and he was one of the few that understood the advantages of rim running.  Williams must get more comfortable playing with his back to the basket.  He would establish good post position, but would always choose to face up instead of attempting a post move.  His face up game wasn’t a bad thing at all.  Williams was money from the short corner and he was quick enough that a decent first step got him in point blank range for easy scores right at the rim.

Justin Gandy 6’5 8th Grade PF Howard Middle School
Gandy was a surprise who pop up during the later games on the day when he threw down a couple dunks with a straight up vertical leap.  Gandy made his mark by running the floor and being on the scoring in of some good passes.  Great leg strength in this kid, anytime he’s near the rim he’s going to try to dunk the ball which is a good thing.  Powerful kid, didn’t complain about anything just went out and played and his team wound up on the winning end every time out.

Top 20 Players

Keon Clergeot Auburndale HS
Justin Gandy Howard Middle
Jean Michel Tine Impact Basketball Academy
Damon Harge Orlando Christian Prep
Kimani Binder Evans HS
Udoka Azubukie Potters House
Marcus Dodson Lake Minneola HS
David Nickleberry The 1st Academy
Brock Stephenson American Heritage-Plantation
Neeko Gainey Santa Fe HS
Miguel Rivera Jr. University HS
Isaiah Gibson Episcopal HS
Ange Badgi Liberty Christian Prep
Hamilton Johnson Frostproof HS
Sam Mingledoff Orlando Christian Prep
Ted Georgiadis Providence School
Austin Williams Bolles School
Anfernee Munnings Lake Placid HS
Rashad Williams Lakewood HS
Kent Thomas Episcopal School of Jacksonville

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